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GK London is a high fashion photography studio creates excellent result and best quality modeling portfolio photographs for models young or professionals looking to build or extend their modeling portfolio in all aspects of modeling industry in a classic and spacious London studio. During  model portfolio shoots you will get access to extraordinary team that have worked within fashion industry, Britain’s top models, London Fashion shows so you can be confident about your images will look outstanding and professional outcome. Before start of the photoshoot you will receive a bespoke model consultation with our top model specialist about your model business view and what would you like to achieve, whether you want to go further to challenge yourself forward to modeling agencies or just as a freelance model.

GK London we do not promise modeling careers nor promise big contracts but we do guarantee that we would give you a service, quality and model portfolio packages. Our Photographers have a minimum of 7 years in the industry and their experience comes from top fashion industry .


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How to Become a Model

With modeling, you pose. You want to look your best all the time. With acting, you have to be aware of the camera, but the more you show your imperfections, the better you're going to be

Sometimes we receive some many queries regarding “How Do I Become a Model?” Becoming a model its not very easy or neither can be difficult, its all depends how you expose yourself and approach play big role. We can give you 5 essential modeling tips to help you to get started with your modeling career.

1. Get honest opinions about your model career You need to understand how important is to get honest opinion and solid plan in your future model career. Model agents and scouts normally specialize in this particular area. Some agents only represent editorial field (high fashion) models, and others may specialize in commercial models, child models,and petite models. Just If in case agent is unable to represent you, it doesn’t mean it is end of world. We encourage that you get second and third opinion regarding your plans as model. We believe it is the best way to find out what can wait you at the end of tunnel and what it takes to be a model.

2. Maximise your exposure As Possible The more you engage yourself with top model agents, scouts and clients the higher the chances you can become, and that you will be successful in finding representation and ultimately booking jobs. Here are some tips when taking snapshots for the agents and scouts to view: • Photos should be sharp and in focus • Include at least 2 head photoshoot and a full length photoshoot • Keep your makeup to a minimum • Ensure your hairstyles are simple and well groomed • Your clothing should be simple and smart fashion • Fancy clothing and too much makeup can be a big no. You should look like professional model. • Wearing outfits made of fur can also may not project very well. • After all remember that first impression is important

3. Good tips It is not important to attend modeling classes before you become a model. The key element in fashion model industry you need to look attractive and fit, as most of modeling agencies are looking for, as modeling classes doesn’t make you look good. However, fashion model agencies recommend new and commercial models to enrol in modeling photoshoot workshops. Which helps to learn proper modeling and posing skills and how to work with cameras, and help you to give you an cutting edge recomendadtions.

4. Only take your photoshoots with professional Modeling Studios We understand how frustrating is to find genuine model portfolio photography studio agency in London. Our extensive 10 years experience in shooting model portfolios for new and established models and in photography industry overall, our staff at GK London is confident enough to create professional model portfolios shoots. Our state of the art photo studio equipped with latest technology hardware and retouching expertise to take you one step further in your early career. We provide the best value for your investment model portfolio photographs, that help both new and aspiring models launch and improve their model careers. Modeling is a profession where your worth is tied up with looks. Christy Turlington Read more at:

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Model Portfolio Service Entails

Flowers are blooming...
Our model portfolio shoots are state of the art and bespoke filled with a lot fun.
We are proud with our Make-Up Artists are creative and passionate, vast experience in hair, as well as make-up and nails.
We follow your style and taste or can give you consultation to maximise your day.
Bespoke modeling portfolio photoshoot.
After all, our promise you will get best experience.

Successful professional models are welcome to improve and maximise exposure of their portfolios, we help you to reveal yourself more!

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Silver Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Up to 3 Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 6 Retouched Images
  • Prints not Included
  • Headshots & Full Body
Gold Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Up to 5 Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 10 Retouched Images
  • 10 12x8 Prints
  • Headshots & Full Body
Platinum Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 4 Hour Photo Session
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 14 Retouched Images
  • 14 12x8 Prints
  • Headshots & Full Body

Male Model, Female Model and Kid Model Portfolio Photo Shoots by unriveled fashion and model portfolio photo studio GK London – Early stage models, Top model, fashion photographers in London.

Our unmatched expertise to boost your modeling career with a professional modeling photo session at GK London top model portfolio photographers in London

Model portfolio photo shoots taken by highly experienced fashion, beauty and model portfolio photographers specially selected for your photo portfolio needs. We offer our services both new and commercial / fashion models in London. GK London High Fashion photographer based in Kensington, London photographing male & female model portfolios. 

If you looking forward to start your early career as a model and looking for a affordable fashion photographer / model portfolio photographer to capture your modeling portfolio. Or you arealready working with top modeling agencies in London, would like to extend your existing model portfolio. Whether you are in high fashion industry and planing to have model photoshoot session.

Our fashion model portfolio photographers are very experienced.  

With GK London we promise you will get best modeling portfolio to succeed with your career.


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