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Book a Memorable Family Photoshoot at GK LONDON

Here at GK London, we believe that family is everything, and we take pride in capturing the spirit and essence of your beautiful family with a memorable photoshoot. Booking a family photoshoot with us gives you the opportunity to cherish your special relationships forever, with photos taken to perfection.

A lot of the time, families are taking selfies from their smartphones, which doesn’t always capture them in their true element, and can be quite restrictive in terms of the shot. Another issue is when someone from the family decides to take the photo, but they end up being the missing person from the picture! This is why booking a family photoshoot is so important, as you’ll get every family member in the picture, and have the time and space to get it right.

A family portrait is timeless, as it allows you to reflect on cherished memories, which you can then show to your grandchildren or even great-grandchildren in the future. We know that life can get hectic at times, which makes it difficult to get everyone together for a family shoot, but this can end up being a huge regret later down the line. Booking a family photoshoot session at least once every couple of years lets you document how far your family have come, and is a one of a kind way to see how much they have grown. Children are only young once, so it is important to keep those youthful memories for years to come!

Family photos can easily be considered as some of the most prized possessions that one can own, and would definitely be up there with items to rescue in the event of a fire! That is why we think that you should get the very best possible images, and especially in digital form, so that you never lose them. Your family pictures are not only treasured items that will last you forever, they will also be works of art that you can hang up proudly on your wall at home, or place on your desk at work.




Capture special moments of your loved ones

Share special occasions with your family

Capture childhood moments

Fill your day with fun

Mum to be moments

Family bonding moments

Get the Complete Family Photoshoot Experience with our Fantastic Creative Team

At GK, we have the latest in photographic equipment to take incredible photos of you and your family, as well as state of the art lighting that can adapt to and bring out all of your best features. We encourage you to get a photoshoot with as your loved ones at our studio – be it fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, siblings, cousins and grandparents – whoever you bring on the day, we will make it work on camera.

To get the best out of your family shoot, we ask that you make sure you and your family members have all washed their hair the night before your appointment, and to also avoid wearing any hair products or makeup.

Upon arriving at our studio, you will be greeted by our warm host, who will offer you a range of different drinks, including hot drinks and alcohol (for the adults!). They will then give you a rundown of what will happen throughout the day, and then all family members aged 18 and over will then sign a consultation form. The information that you provide will include make-up, hairstyling and photography preferences that you may have. You will have photo albums and seasonal mood boards to browse through if you need any ideas or inspiration for the shoot.

Whatever style that you are going for with your family, our specialist make up artists and hair stylists are at hand to make it happen. The makeup artists will be sure to use the finest premium products to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, and will also be happy to give you any advice regarding different types of looks. Our expert hair stylists will be able to offer you and your family any style that they wish for, including straight, curly or even different themes such as seventies or sixties. If you or any of your family members aren’t sure of what style to go for, our hair stylist can recommend one, based on the shape of your face.





Take your Incredible Family Photoshoot images home with you on the day!

During your family shoot, we tend to take around 100 smashing images, filled with individuality, and allow up to five different changes of outfit each session. That is why we do kindly remind you to bring with you a minimum of 3 different changes of clothes each on the day, as we want your family to look their absolute best, and having more options means that we have a far better chance of getting the best shots possible. Depending on the style of shoot you wish for your family, outfits can include casual, seasonal wear such as Christmas, or even novelty and comedic clothing. The wider the selection, the more diverse your family photoshoot can be!

Once you have finished your family photo session, you’ll come back upstairs and take a half an hour break while we load your newly taken images onto a wide screen monitor, so you can view them up close and in fine detail. Our viewing consultant will be there to help you select your favourite shots, and also give you their expert opinion on which ones they think are keepers. If you decide to have your pictures printed on CD, you’ll be able to take your high resolution images home with you on the same day and show all your friends and family. You and your family get to keep the rights of all the images you buy, meaning that you are fully entitled to print, duplicate or modify them.

Our in-house photographers make sure they get to know your family, in order to get the best results possible, as every family member should be portrayed in their own unique way that befits them. We always ensure that your family’s expressions are the focal point of the image, and tirelessly work to bring out each individual’s unique characteristics on a still image. Your pictures at GK London will not just only be images, but they will be stories of your family’s close bond, brought to life by our magic.

We have over 8 years of experience in producing family photography, and are widely considered as one of the leading photographic studios in all of London. Our creative team has worked with many different families over the years, and understand that photographing children can be a challenge at times, which is why we are able to put you and your kids at ease at all times, creating a relaxed and fun-filled environment.

Caption For the Image




All images are photographed in High Resolution ensuring the highest quality for print and reproduction. You have full copyright to print, duplicate and amend any all of your purchased images.


Prices range from £69 for a High Resolution CD image and packages start from £295 and upwards.


We offer flexible payment option so you can go home with all your favourite images on the day. Photo ID and a minimum of 25% deposit required.


We’re fully committed to creating a beautiful collection of keepsake images however, if during your your viewing you decide not to purchase any images we will refund your deposit no questions asked.


Top tips from us on how to prepare and make the most of your family photo session… Please ensure that you confirm your appointment so we know you are coming.

Wash your hair the night before your appointment.

Wear your hair free of any styling products and avoid wearing any makeup.

Please aim to arrive on time for your appointment and allow for 6 hours from start to finish.

In most cases it will be less but delays can often occur. Please bring proof of ID as this may be required on the day.

Maximize your shoot by bringing a wide variety of your favourite outfits.

Examples include: casual, seasonal trends, accessories ideally whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Consider who or what your portraits will be for: for many people they are simply a keepsake: they could be a gift for family or for professional purposes.

Due to the special nature of our service all orders for photographs will need to be placed at the time of viewing.

In the likelihood you wish to keep your images bring your debit card along on the day. Arrange your travel well in advance.

For any enquiries on the day of your appointment please contact our studio on 0207 603 5054 Remember the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!