Pet Photography

Pet photography is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as we are already a nation of animal lovers, with nearly half of all households being home to some sort of pet. The lifespan of your pet is usually a short one in comparison to us as humans, so booking a pet photoshoot gives you the opportunity to forever cherish the time your beloved animal was part of your family. An animal photoshoot is a whole lot of fun, and our pet photographer is able to take the most adorable photos of your furry companions in our amazing 3000 sq ft studio. The most common pet photo sessions usually involve dogs or cats, but we are able to photograph a whole host of other animals, provided that they can fit through our doors!

As a pet owner, it is likely that you may want to feature in your pet’s photos. Pet owners usually take pictures or selfies of their animals, although this doesn’t always make for high quality images. Our state of the art lighting equipment and expert photographic equipment will be sure to capture the close bond you and your pet have together, with stunning images you can treasure for life. We also specialise in high end pet portraits, where your pets are the sole focus of the images. Dogs, cats and other animals photograph beautifully, and it really is amazing how their individual expressions and emotions are documented. Whether it is dog photography, cat photography or any other type of animal photoshoot, we will be able make your pet’s personality shine through.

To get the best out of your pet photography session, we encourage you to bring as many treats and toys with you on the day to keep your animal happy. We are very much accustomed to working with
different types of animal behaviours from nervous to boisterous, and you’ll be surprised at how relaxed we can make them feel during the shoot. Our creative team will organise your animal photoshoot around their temperament. During your pet photoshoot, we tend to take around 100 smashing images, to show as many traits and characteristics of your furry friend as possible.

Once you have finished your pet photo session, you’ll come back upstairs and take a half an hour break while we load your newly taken images onto a wide screen monitor, so you can view them up close and in fine detail. Our viewing consultant will be there to help you select your favourite shots, and also give you their expert opinion on which ones they think are keepers. If you decide to have your animal photos printed on CD, you’ll be able to take your high resolution images home with you on the same day and show all your friends and family. You will get to keep the rights of all the images you buy, meaning that you are fully entitled to print, duplicate or modify them.

We have over 8 years of experience in producing pet photography, and are widely considered as one of the leading photographic studios in all of London. At GK, we have the latest in photographic equipment to take incredible photos of you and your pets, as well as state of the art lighting that will enhance each image. Our creative team has worked with many different families and pets over the years, and understand that photographing animals can be a challenge at times, which is why we are able to have patience and put you and your pets at ease, creating a relaxed and fun-filled environment.


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