Maternity Photoshoot

Here at GK London, we believe that a pregnancy is a one of a kind moment in a mother’s life, and we take pride in capturing these rare moments with a memorable maternity photoshoot. This unforgettable period may last only 9 months, but it can come and go in a flash, which is why we believe that this special journey should be documented in a maternity photoshoot.

We believe that maternity photography is so important, as a pregnancy is something that can usually only occur a handful of times in your lifetime if you’re lucky, making it a very rare event. Capturing these extraordinary moments in a maternity shoot will allow you to look back in years to come with pride and fond memories. Many women who decide not to get a pregnancy shoot done often regret it when they look back on these moments, as they cannot be replicated. A maternity photo session will be sure to create beautiful emotions for you in the future, and you will be able to show the child that you gave birth to!

Maternity pictures are timeless, as they let you reflect on the changes your body went through, and our pregnancy photographer specialises in documenting this beautiful occasion. We know that life can get hectic during the birth of your child, which makes it difficult to organise a maternity shoot. With that being said though, women who decide not to get a pregnancy shoot done often regret it when they look back on these moments, as they cannot be replicated. A pregnancy photography session lets you see your beautiful curves and baby bump as never before – illuminated in state of the art lighting.

A lot of women can feel insecure during a pregnancy, because of the weight gain and change in body shape. On top of this, the fluctuation in moods and hormonal changes only add to this testing time, and can affect you mentally as well as physically. This is where a pregnancy shoot can do wonders to lift your spirits, and serve as a reminder of how beautiful you are bearing child. Although it is something you will not be used to, a pregnant belly is something that should be embraced and flaunted instead of hidden. It is well known a woman carrying a child emits a ravishing glow that is a unique phenomenon to pregnancy, and what better way to bring out this glow than with a professional maternity photo session!

Not only do we provide you with beautiful images of your pregnancy that will last a lifetime, we go out of our way to ensure that you really have fun with your maternity shoot, and let your creativity run wild. Our experienced creative team are there to provide you with inspiration and help, and develop any ideas that you may already have. Depending on your preference, you can opt to use a range of different props to change the dynamic of your pictures. You could go for the more candid style, which is great in capturing you in a natural state, or you can simply pose for the camera and let your expressions come to the forefront of your images.

Pregnancy photos can easily be considered as some of the most prized possessions that one can own, and would definitely be up there with items to rescue in the event of a fire! That is why we think that you should get the very best possible images, especially in digital form, so that you never lose them. Your maternity pictures are not only treasured items that will last you forever, they will also be works of art that you can hang up proudly on your wall at home, or place on your desk at work.

To get the best out of your maternity photo shoot, we ask that you make sure you have washed your hair the night before your appointment, and to also avoid wearing any hair products or makeup. Upon arriving at our studio, you will be greeted by our warm host, who will offer you a range of different drinks. They will then give you a rundown of what will happen throughout the day, and you will then sign a consultation form. The information that you provide will include make-up, hairstyling and photography preferences that you may have. You will have photo albums and seasonal mood boards to browse through if you need any ideas or inspiration for the shoot.

During your maternity photoshoot, we tend to take around 100 smashing images, to show your unique pregnant figure in as many variations as possible. The best time to come in for a maternity photography shoot is when you are around the 30-36 week mark, when the baby bump is in full effect, but you are also still feeling able enough to make the trip down to the studio! There’s no need to be apprehensive about any stretch marks caused by your pregnancy, as any blemishes will be removed in the touch up process.

Once you have finished your maternity photo session, you’ll come back upstairs and take a half an hour break while we load your newly taken images onto a wide screen monitor, so you can view them up close and in fine detail. Our viewing consultant will be there to help you select your favourite shots, and also give you their expert opinion on which ones they think are keepers. If you decide to have your maternity photos printed on CD, you’ll be able to take your high resolution images home with you on the same day and show all your friends and family. You will get to keep the rights of all the images you buy, meaning that you are fully entitled to print, duplicate or modify them.

We always ensure that we capture the magical bond between you and your baby bump in each picture, and tirelessly work to showcase every unique characteristic that you have. Your pictures at GK London will not just only be images, but they will be the first stories of your newest family member, brought to life by our magic.

We have over 8 years of experience in producing maternity photography, and are widely considered as one of the leading photographic studios in all of London. At GK, we have the latest in photographic equipment to take incredible photos of you in our fantastic 3000 sq ft studio. Our creative team has worked with many different families over the years, and understand that pregnancy can be a strenuous time for you, which is why we are able to put you at ease, creating a relaxed and fun-filled environment.