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GK London is a professional photography studio based in Kensington, London offers excellent corporate headshot photography service and best makeover photo-shoots for business people or professionals.

Corporate headshots can be ideal for company websites, social media profiles, PR presentations, personal blogs, brochures or you name it. Your photographs are will be taken to your preference in our spacious London studio. Prime images approved by you will be supplied in high-resolution files in JPEG format to take it with at the end of the session.

We pride ourselves at GK London we selected talented portrait and headshot photographers who worked with tv/media actors and actresses, high profile CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, lawyers, real estate agents, and such professionals who want to develop their personal brand and make a great first impression though one-of-kind photo.

We understand all the nuances of both men’s headshot photography as well as women’s headshot photography, and we understand the utter importance of professional headshots in the entertainment industry. Our team of consultants, makeup artists, photographers will ensure to capture the best possible headshot. Our aim to make sure your photo will stand out from the dozens or even hundreds of other photos that agents or casting directors will look at on any given day, and must grab their attention in the split second that it will be in front of them.

What your day entails

Our advice to business professionals, that your headshot must be consistent with both your personal brand and the brand of the company they represent. We take our time to review the requirements with each client prior to starting the photo session, and to ensure we will bale to capture that very look they want to achieve in their business headshots.


Top Reasons to Choose Us

Our professional approach in headshot photography sets us apart from photography amateurs – on top that we hand selected photo consultants to guide our clients with posing and outfit during a photo shoot so you will look confident, relaxed and natural in your headshots.

Our photographers can offer you different styles and positions of shooting, but also you can have your own preference that you will decide style that you want. 

Let us know what your preference before starting the session. You can also let us know what is your color background preference so we can set it for before you book so that we can order and match any backdrops that you will require.

Our preference would be to shoot on white background.

Below are some standard styles of corporate or business headshots.

Check out the article here: 5 reasons why a great headshot matters.


Different Types of Headshots


Vertical Studio Headshot

This is the most common style of a headshot. It’s vertically oriented headshot. You must be aware that most of the headshots are normally closer to the face than the example above. However, sometimes you can have this type of shoot to expose yourself in order to show a better sense of who you are and what your style is. This type of headshot can be taken in different backgrounds and textures.

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Peter Hurley Style

Peter Hurley style photography invented by famous headshot photographer based in New York. It is horizontally aligned photo shoot rather than traditional vertical and it is taken in a nice and crisp white background. This is the style of a headshot is great for any type of profile. When we take Peter Hurley style using specific bright lighting setup, but the overall result can be very crisp and bright. Please note this type of style works like a charm for the internet. It will look professional on a linked in profile or whether it is for a website. The background can be any color or texture you prefer like the example below. 

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Your natural expression is also a key factor to capture a great headshot. 

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Business headshots is a vital part of personal confidence boost and personal brand. Headshots do a magical addition to your CV. 

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When you arrive at our studio, our friendly host will welcome you with a warm and sunny smile and discuss each aspect of the day.

You’ll fill in our Consultation Form, which is broken down into makeup, hairstyling and photography, working out what really excites and inspires you so that everyone involved in your shoot truly understands what you want and what works best for you on camera.

You’ll be able to flick through albums and seasonal mood-boards for inspiration and gain a better understanding what to expect from your photo shoot.

The excitement starts here!




Our specialist, industry know-how make-up artist will cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin and style your hair to perfection.

Taking your Consultation Form, your make-up artist will also chat with you about the colours, textures and trends you’re really into. They’ll also want to know about the outfits you’ve brought to wear, so your finished look works, top to toe.

Preparing your hair for the photo shoot, our Style Director will work with you, your tailored Consultation Form and your chosen outfits to create a hair style that brings it all together beautifully. Sleek and straight, beach-fresh textured, effortless curls, the seventies flicks, classic ‘up do’, messy ‘up do’, back combed with full body… the choice really is endless.
Our hair stylist will also share fantastic insider tips for you to try at home, based on your hair texture, face shape and the looks you love.




During your photo shoot we aim to create around up to 40 beautiful and individual images with up to five different outfit changes per session.

Your photo shoot is about your individual style and tastes so we suggest you bring a wide selection of your favourite outfits (as many as you can fit in your suitcase).

The more variety you bring, the more fun we can have creating unique styles and the better your photo shoot will turn out!




Once you come off set, you’ll take a 30-minute break in which time we’ll upload all your pics to our big, wide screen monitor, for you to look in detail. Our viewing consultant will be there to guide through every shot, helping you select your favourites.
With all our CD orders you’ll be able to walk with your images on the day. You’ll be able to show all your friends and family your favourite shots as soon as you get home.

YOU KEEP THE COPYRIGHT – All images are photographed in High Resolution ensuring the highest quality for print and reproduction. You have full copyright to print, duplicate and amend any all of your purchased images.

PRICES – Prices range from £69 for a High-Resolution CD image and packages start from £295 and upwards.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS – We offer flexible payment option so you can go home with all your favourite images on the day. Photo ID and a minimum of 25% deposit required.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’re fully committed to creating a beautiful collection of keepsake images, however, if during your viewing you decide not to purchase any images we will refund your deposit no questions asked.




Because you haven’t had a modern headshot taken recently.

Because you need to create or improve your personal brand.

Because business professionals are more willing to work with people who have strong personal brands and successful track records.

Because we make it a goal to work with only the best photographers.

Because we have more than 5 years of experience!



Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Brokers, Public Speakers, Models, Actors, Artists, Creative People, Musicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding portrait and head shot photography services.

Why do I need a professional headshot photographer?

You only need a professional headshot photographer if you planning to boost your self brand and company image, also to raise attention of important people whose opinion is vital for you. In this case, the answer is you absolutely need a professional headshot done. Whether you are a CEO or director of company, actor/actress, or just someone who is looking to promote entering the career and applying for jobs, having a professional headshot will compliment your CV in result you will have a chance to stand out from the crowd and give a positive first impression.

I’m starting a new career in modelling or i am actor/actress. Will the headshots aid me in my early career?

Absolutely yes, you will be able to have initial portfolio and you will be able to present your head shots. In fact, we have taken dozens of photographs of early models and actors within tv/media industry. We have extensive experience in how to take capture head shots that are versatile enough to work in any niche.

How long does a portrait photography or headshot session normally take?

The length of a head shot or portrait photography session solely depends on several factors. If you aren’t using a hair or makeup artist and you have limited wardrobe changes, it will normally take about 2 hours from beginning to end, including the photo selection process after the shoot.

If you would require hair or makeup artist, it can add extra time to photography session, which is about an 1-2 hours.

Should I hire a hair and makeup artists for my headshot photo session?

We at GK London strongly recommend that everyone hire a hair and makeup professional to assist in the headshot photo session, especially women. Men might require to have hair cut done 3-5 days prior coming to photo session, and also makeup artists may apply small make up to have better end result.

Our advice in regards of headshot photo session, the extra pampering skin, hair and makeup specialist is always well worth it.

Is there a difference between a portrait and a headshot?

Our clients often ask this question, and our answer is that although these terms are common and used in different packages, in fact the term headshot refers to a photograph that is intended to be used company leaders and professional representation of an individual.

Portrait photograph is usually more artistic than a headshot and may show an individual displaying a particular emotion or expression other than simply smiling into the camera. It could be used in professional settings, but could also be used for a family gallery or album.

Do you re-touch / airbrush headshot photographs?

Yes we do, we carefully retouch or airbrush every headshot photographs in a very natural way to ensure it will look beautiful as well as spotless. Our extensive experience in retouching headshot photographs allowed us develop special skills to ensure every photograph / portrait does look like subject, so we apply minimum alterations to the image.

What should I wear or bring for my professional portrait or headshot photo shoot?

We recommend to every client during phone conversation prior to photoshoot to bring and wear solid primary color like blue, red, white, grey, black, etc. You need to make sure your clothes in a good order, and as your clothes have a great impact the image you want to capture.

Please ensure, you do wear comfortable clothes that fit you well.  We advice you not to bring or wear clothes that tight and make you uncomfortable. It is also worth while to hire clothes or borrow if your wardrobe is limited. This in result will allow to maximise your photoshoot with confident and bold feeling.

Silver Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Up to 3 Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 6 Retouched Images
  • Prints not Included
  • Headshots & Full Body
Gold Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Up to 4 Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 10 Retouched Images
  • 10 12x8 Prints
  • Headshots & Full Body
Platinum Package


  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 4 Hour Photo Session
  • Up to 5 Outfit Changes
  • 100+ Images Taken
  • 14 Retouched Images
  • 14 12x8 Prints
  • Headshots & Full Body


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