Corporate Headshot Photoshoot

As the business world becomes increasingly digitalised, the importance of a professional corporate headshot has never been higher. The fact of the matter is that first impressions are actually very important, especially online, and your business headshot or corporate portrait are integral marketing tools as an individual. LinkedIn is now the go-to site for business networking, as well as for establishing your authority and credibility online, and your picture is the first thing people will see when going onto your profile. Having a fantastic corporate headshot not only shows that you care about how you are presented, but it also shows how professional you are, and increases the likelihood of securing more business or attracting a prospective employer or collaborator. At GK London, our corporate headshot photographer will make sure that you get the very best.

One of the biggest faux-pas on LinkedIn is to use a low quality selfie as your profile picture, or even worse, no picture at all. If you choose to do either, you risk losing credibility and are more likely to create a sense of mistrust around you in your business network. Lighting is so important when it comes to commercial headshots, and selfies are usually the epitome of bad lighting and grainy images. Here at GK, we have state of the art lighting equipment and the best photographic equipment to produce the finest corporate headshot photography. If you want to be taken seriously, it’s imperative that you show you are serious enough to have made the worthwhile investment in a corporate headshot or corporate portrait photoshoot, as both have similar functions.

Having a powerful, impactful corporate headshot means that you will stick in the mind of potential business owners, employers and professionals. 90% of the information absorbed by our brains is visual, which means that people accessing your profile online are sometimes more likely to remember your LinkedIn headshot than your achievements, qualifications and work history. Additionally, LinkedIn profiles with a photograph are 7 times more likely to be clicked on. You can be sure that people will make business decisions based on your corporate headshot picture, so why not make those decisions favourable by booking in a shoot with us today!

To get the best out of your corporate headshot session, we ask that you make sure you have washed your hair the night before your appointment, and to also avoid wearing any hair products or makeup. We also strongly recommend that you have a good night’s sleep before coming for your shoot, to make sure you look as fresh as possible in the face. Upon arriving at our studio, you will be greeted by our warm host, who will offer you a range of different drinks. They will then give you a rundown of what will happen throughout the day, and then all family members aged 18 and over will then sign a consultation form. The information that you provide will include make-up, hairstyling and photography preferences that you may have. You will have photo albums and seasonal mood boards to browse through if you need any ideas or inspiration for the shoot.

During your corporate headshot photoshoot, we tend to take around 100 smashing images, in a range of angles and lighting to work out what suits you best. We tailor your corporate images to your industry, and ensure that your photos reflect your strengths, whatever they may be. We are able to capture your LinkedIn headshot in the more traditional and formal way, by having you looking straight at the camera, or we can take a more natural looking shot, with your gaze elsewhere. It has to be said that some people suit the natural style more in their business headshots, although it really does depend on each individual. Not only can you use your commercial headshot or business portrait for your LinkedIn profile and various other business networking platforms, you can also use them for social media, events, conferences, websites, annual reports, brochures and more.

Once you have finished your corporate headshot photo session, you’ll come back upstairs and take a half an hour break while we load your newly taken images onto a wide screen monitor, so you can view them up close and in fine detail. Our viewing consultant will be there to help you select your favourite shots, and also give you their expert opinion on which ones they think are keepers. If you decide to have your corporate pictures printed on CD, you’ll be able to take your high resolution images home with you on the same day and upload it to your LinkedIn account. You will get to keep the rights of all the images you buy, meaning that you are fully entitled to print, duplicate or modify them.

We have over 8 years of experience in producing professional business photography, and are widely considered as one of the leading photographic studios in all of London. At GK, we have the latest in photographic equipment to take incredible photos of you in our fantastic 3000 sq ft studio. Our creative team has worked with many different professionals over the years, and understand that not everyone is accustomed to doing a photoshoot, which is why we are able to put you at ease, creating a relaxed and fun-filled environment.